About me

In 1996, I started the 5-year program teaching Information Technology at a French engineering college. I specialised in Computer Science, until I decided to participate in the ERASMUS student exchange program to accomplish the last year in a Finnish university. There, in addition to my specialisation, I followed Telecommunication and Networks courses, eventually extending my studies for an additional 6th year.

My curiosity pushed me to occupy various IT roles (senior software engineer, team leader, project manager) in various industries (Networks, Telecommunications, Finance, Banking) and various countries (Finland, France, Switzerland, Germany).

More generally, what I enjoy the most is a senior software engineer role combined with technical team leading in multi cultural teams. Technically, I am a Java/web specialist usually focusing on the design and implementation of rich client applications.

In order to develop my skills, I dedicate a part of my free time contributing to Open Source projects: I am the administrator and lead developer of several of them. It allows me to work remotely with various people of different cultures and skill sets, in an environment with fast release cycles and demanding communication. It also constitutes for me a perfect way to keep an up-to-date knowledge of the various tools and technologies.

If you happen to be interested in my profile and have some job opportunities, do not hesitate to have a look at my CV and to contact me (preferrably by e-mail).